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Filmmaker . Director .

Born in St. Petersburg, FL I can defiantly say I'm a 'Florida Boy' through and through. I've always been attracted to creative structure but was brought up to approach it in a professional manner while providing exceptional customer service. I personally love the idea of self growth and that's why I approach each and every project as if it means something for my future... because it does. With ten years experience and a bachelors degree in media/communications,  my goal for each video isn't just to create something visually appealing, but make our first project feel like our tenth.

After years of experience I've noticed that the best results manifest through creative happiness and service to others. That's why I strive to help artists grow by improving their personal brand, through industry standard productions, at an independent rate.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and lets create the vision together! 

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